Packing to move


One unfortunate, necessary evil when moving house, is the process of packing up your worldly possessions in order to get them safely to your new home.  Some people choose to use the services of removals companies to pack up their home, but if this is an extra expense you feel you could manage without, then take a look at our tips below to make the process of packing to move as pain free as possible.

Packing to move


This is the initial step to packing up your house, which is useful even if you are choosing to use the packing services of a removals company.  It is also something that can be done once you decide to put your house on the market.  A house free of clutter sells quicker and means that there is less to pack!

This is a great time to be ruthless.  Ask yourself if you really need or use each item.  If the answer is no and it’s not something you absolutely love, then get rid.  You may be able to raise some cash by selling on one of the numerous online selling sites, or you may be able to help out a charity by donating your items to a charity shop. 


Sadly, there is more to packing than just shoving everything in a box.  Certain items will need to be carefully packed in order to ensure that they make it to their destination unharmed.  Also, it is useful to have some idea of what is in which box.  When you’re finally in to your new home and you’re dying for that cup of tea (or glass of wine!), you don’t want to have to unpack 20 boxes in order to find the kettle and mugs (or bottle opener!).

Here’s a handy packing shopping list which will mean you have all you need to pack up successfully:

Thick cardboard, strong cardboard boxes (various sizes) Heavy duty packing tape Sellotape Bubble wrap Specialist breathable bubble wrap (for antiques and high value items) Plain white acid free tissue paper Polystyrene flow pack Scissors Fragile stickers Marker pen

How to pack:

- Add padding to the bottom of boxes to form cushioning, use scrunched up plain paper or bubble wrap.

- It may seem obvious but remember to put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box.

- Wrap everything loosely and separately in plain acid free paper to ensure paramount padding and protection.

- Scrunch and pack paper around the stems of wine and champagne glasses to keep them protected.

- All plates should be wrapped separately and placed on their side.

- Newspaper not only leaves a residue but can also tarnish silverware so use plain white acid free paper for all your packing.

- Framed artwork and mirrors will need to have thick card placed on the front to protect the glass and then wrap the entire item in breathable bubble wrap.

- All antiques and high value items need to be properly wrapped in breathable bubble wrap. This is especially the case for oil paintings which sweat during transit.

- Large vases, box canvases and other heavy high value breakables should have their own bespoke crate and fragile light fittings should be hung in a crate full of polystyrene flow pack.

It may all seem very labour intensive, and there’s no denying it, packing to move is a job and a half.  However, if you follow our tips everything should get to its new home intact and hopefully the preparation will minimise your stress on moving day.